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Men’s Health UK provides a dedicated pelvic pain physiotherapy service, available in both Swansea and Reading.  Men’s health physiotherapy is a highly specialist service concerning the diagnosis and treatment of male pelvic related conditions.  Adrian Wagstaff is an expert in the treatment of pelvic pain, or chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, hard flaccid and pudendal neuralgia. Thanks to his wealth of experience and training, he is well-versed in the unique challenges faced by men with pelvic pain who go untreated for many months and sometimes years before correct diagnosis or treatment.  In the clinic, we use a combination of diagnostic tools like ultrasound, and rehabilitation combined with advanced treatments like Shockwave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction, hard flaccid syndrome, pelvic pain and Peyronie’s disease. 

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We have treated over 700 patients with pelvic pain and pelvic girdle dysfunction. We have decades of experience in the treatment of these patients and understand the pain and frustration in finding a solution.

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