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If you are suffering with male pelvic pain, then we are here to help you make a full recovery at our established clinic in Swansea or Reading. Our qualified physiotherapists have many years of experience in treating pelvic pain, and we know how to assess and treat the conditions. Over the years, we have treated over 700 patients for pelvic pain, and we have a very high success rate. In addition, you can have an initial online assessment prior to a face-to-face appointment, which is perfect for those who live further away from our clinics. Just get in touch today to find out more or to speak to a specialist today.

Male Pelvic Pain

Male pelvic physiotherapy is a specialised field of medicine concerned with dysfunction and discomfort associated with the pelvic girdle. It is an exceptionally distressing syndrome characterised by a wide variety of symptoms that may vary from patient to patient. You may have already undergone evaluations by numerous clinicians; our objective is to disrupt this pattern and offer you a comprehensive recovery strategy. Call today to speak to one of our trained physiotherapists, and we can help to find a treatment that meets your individual requirements.

Man With Pelvic Pain


We offer a thorough and professional process when assessing your condition to ensure that you achieve an accurate diagnosis. We start by taking a history, followed by a physical assessment and combine this with ultrasound guided diagnostic analysis to give you a complete understanding of your condition. Some of the most common conditions we diagnose and then treat include:

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